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Blanchardstown, as part of the K district, currently has 4 Juvenile Liaison Gardai and one Sergeant with overall responsibility for the D.M.R. West . The programme is legislated for under the Children Act of 2001.

J.L.O. (juvenile liaison officers) deal with children from 12 years to their 18th birthday who have come to Garda attention. They also work closely with local youth projects including the WEB and ORB projects in Blanchardstown.

These youths are dealt with either by way of informal, formal or restorative cautions or face prosecution.

Sgt Eamonn Tuohy and his staff, Garda Martin Callanan, Garda Jane Scott, Garda Mick Molloy and Garda Anna Gorry are willing to assist and advise with matters pertaining to the Programme.


Garda Juvenile Programme

For more information on the programme, Sgt Eamonn Tuohy and his staff, Garda Martin Callanan, Garda Jane Scott, Garda Mick Molloy and Garda Anna Gorry can be contacted at Blanchardstown Garda Station on +353-1-666 7044.


The areas of operation of Safer Blanchardstown are the same as that of the Local Drugs Task Force which are: Corduff, Mulhuddart, Blakestown, Mountview, Hartstown and Huntstown. The Board of Management of Safer Blanchardstown is responsible for the overall running and direction of the programme.

The Board was originally made up of representatives from: Gardaí, Fingal County Council, Blanchardstown Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force, 2 elected Public Representatives and 4 elected Community Representatives. Recently the Board was expanded to include representatives from Mulhuddart Community Drug & Alcohol Team, ADAPT, WEB (Youth Drivesion Programme) and Blanchardstown Area Partnership

In addition to the overall direction of Safer Blanchardstown the Board also considers the more complex issues raised at public meetings and may forward recommendations on to the Joint Policing Committee to which Safer Blanchardstown reports twice annually.



WEB (Working to Enhance Blanchardstown) Project (Corduff and Mulhuddart)

Aimed at Males & Females aged 12 – 18 years Living in the Corduff and Mulhuddart Areas. One to one Key working Group Work Prevention and Education Work. We provide drug education and challenge behaviour. We also provide programmes in secondary prevention when necessary. Will work with young people who have mental health difficulties but not if they are a danger to themselves or others. To identify young people at risk and develop new intervention programmes to meet their needs. To address the needs of the target group by involving them in constructive activities. To support community based activities, which involve young people in worthwhile developmental programmes and activities. To liaise closely with Parents, schools, community organisations and other agencies working in the area. To strengthen Gardaí and community relations. To identify families in need of support and design and implement interventions to provide this support.

Buzzardstown House, Mulhuddart,
Blanchardstown, Dublin 15
Phone: +353-1-822 6163

Fortlawn Facility,
Fortlawn Park, Dublin 15
Phone: +353-1-640 9065 or  +353-75-780 0158


ORB (Opportunities for Responsibility in Blanchardstown) Project

Aimed at Males & Females aged 12 – 17 years Living in Hartstown or Huntstown. This project is a Garda Youth Diversion Project which aims to divert young people from involvement in crime and anti-social behaviour. 1 To identify young people at risk and develop intervention programmes to meet their needs thus diverting them from anti-social behaviour. To provide suitable programme to facilitate personal development and encourage civic responsibility. To provide positive alternatives for young people, supporting them in continuing their education and working towards improving their employability. To liaise closely with parents, schools, community organisation and other agencies working in the area. Working to strengthen relations between the Gardaí and local communities.

Hartstown Community Centre
Hartstown, Dublin 15
Phone: +353-1-823 5293


Juvenile Liaison / Diversion Programme

Aimed at Males & Females Aged 12-18 years. Children between 10-12 can be included but only if they admit to their crime Catchment Area is Dublin 15. Diversion programme to keep under 18s out of court/prison system and get them back on the ‘right track’. Diversion programme to keep under 18s out of court/prison system. Caution children who get into trouble and prevent reoccurrence of crime.

Blanchardstown Garda Station,
Blanchardstown, Dublin 15
Phone: +353-1-666 7000 or +353-1-666 7040