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Dublin 15 Community Drug Team CLG

formally known as Mulhuddart/Corduff Community Drug Team


Overview of Services

  • We work in D.15 with people whose primary addiction are Opiates and opiates/polydrug use. 
  • We also offer support/opportunities/services to those facing challenges being experienced by those deemed to fit into the “older” cohort of drug user.
  • We provide a stabilisation day programme to men and women with opiate and opiate/polydrug use (Arising Stabilisation Programme)
  • We provide stabilisation via one-to-one key working, care planning and case management (Arising One-to-One Programme)
  • We are a low threshold service, whose ethos is centred on reducing harm and supporting recovery from long term opiate and polydrug misuse (Arising Drop-in Service)

Ours Aims are to:-

  • Support people to reduce the harm their opiate and polydrug use is causing and to support their recovery from same.
  • Support and respond to people in maintaining their health and wellbeing with particular reference to those who are experiencing issues relative to their long term opiate/polydrug misuse.
  • Support people from 18 yrs+ in their goals towards better health and healthier lifestyle with recovery from opiate and poly drug misuse as their focus.
  • Provide specialist and quality evidence-based responses to those within the older cohort with opiate/polydrug use issues that are experiencing deteriorating physical and mental health.
  • Respond to those with substance misuse issues who may feel marginalized/stigmatised due to their drug misuse.
  • Be a referral agent for those that present but require services more appropriate to their presenting needs.
  • Base our evidence-based programmes and services on core values that are respect, dignity, positivity, progression, strength, resourcefulness, resilience, recovery, integrity.
  • Operate from within the “person-centred” principles and “person-centred practice” framework.

Who is this service for?

  1. The opiate/opiate and polydrug user 18 yrs+ from Dublin 15 and surrounding areas.
  2. Those from the Dublin 15 and surrounding areas, who are long term opiate users while also on OST (Methadone) and/or using all other drugs inclusive of alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, crack, benzodiazepines, synthetic drugs.

Contact us at 01-821 6601 to be allocated your Keyworker.

Dublin 15 Community Drug Team CLG (D15 CDT), Parslickstown House, Ladyswell, Mulhuddart, Dublin 15, D15 X2VW, Ireland.